Vivo Y12A QCN File Efs File No Service Fix 100% Tested

No Service Fix for Vivo Y12A

Phone security partition bricks after security upgrade/OS update. Baseband Unknown and Imei Null or 00, in some way. Vivo Y12A is a smartphone manufactured by Vivo. After the upgrade, the baseband works OK, however the imei is 00 and there is no service. Don’t worry, this is a common problem. If you’re having trouble with your Vivo Y12A, contact me and I’ll see what I can do. Vivo Y12A QCN File

What is the definition of baseband?

Baseband is the software that cellular modem makers use to connect to cellular networks, send and receive data, and make voice calls on smartphones…. Furthermore, the malleability of this baseband implantation makes it suitable for both device and network testing.

Download the file VIVO Y12A QCN FILE EFS Flash Lock. This is a file sharing website for the FRP reset. On our website, we have all of the FRP bypass files for the VIVO Y12A QCN FILE EFSsmartphone. Our FRP reset bypass files have all been well tested. The FRP file is used first. however Everything is fine if we see a Google account or FRP Lock Remove; we upload the file to our site.

How do you get the FRP file and Flash Tool for the Vivo Y12A QCN File

The FRP file for any smartphone can be downloaded directly from the website, which has practically every FRP file for every phone. Every file has its own Google Drive account. Simply click the download link provided below. Only when you touch the file will it be downloaded. From Google Drive, download the FRP file at 100 percent speed. Flash Tool and the FRP file

Vivo Y12A QCN File Efs File No Service Fix 100% Tested
Vivo Y12A QCN File Efs File No Service Fix 100% Tested

Why is it necessary to re-establish QCN?

QCN average =

Queensland Communications & Networking is a company that specializes in communication and networking.that have imei information If your phone’s imei is broken, your sim network will not operate and you will have no service. If your Vivo Y12A’s imei has been damaged / 00, you’ll need this QCN File to restore network connectivity.

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Firmware Upgrade: A Practical Matter

  1. Any Windows computer.
  2. FRP file for Vivo Y12A

USB Drivers from Spreadtrum (SPD).

  1. Research-download tool for Spreadtrum (SPD).
  2. A USB cable that is easily detectable (USB 101 cypress).
  3. A reliable battery backup

How to use the SP flash tool to remove FRP from your device.


1.Save the firmware file to your PC.

2.Save the file to your computer’s hard disk.

3.Obtain the appropriate USB driver.

Unzip the file.

5.Download and install the USB Driver.

Use the Research-Download Tool to save time.

7.Start the Research-Download application.

8.Open the extracted flash file folder and load the PAC files.

9.Hold the ‘Volume-up’ and ‘Volume-down’ keys down.

Use a USB cable to connect your device.

10.To begin flashing, click the Research-Download tool’s start Download/upgrade firmware button.

11.And then wait for the process to complete; please do not unplug your device before it is finished.

12.A green ring will appear at the top for flash successes. Above all 

What is the purpose of a USB driver?

A USB driver is a file that enables a hardware device to communicate with a computer’s or smartphone’s operating system. USB gadgets include flash drives, smartphones, however Android phones, and external hard drives, among other electrical goods. Above all

What does a flash tool entail?

The flash tool is a program that mostly assists you in flashing stock ROMs, custom recoveries, and troubleshooting in extreme circumstances ( firmware update, Flash recovery, unbrick bricked Android Device, etc.)

If any of our FRP bypasses reset files do not work on your Android phone, please contact our call center and explain your situation. Above all

Important Reminders!

Rjflashfile will not be held liable for any harm to your device(s) as a result of following this instructions, therefore proceed at your own risk. Above all 


If any of our files or tools are not operating properly on your mobile phone, please contact us and let us know about it; we are confident that we will be able to resolve your issue of quickly and possible. however You can report any firmware, stock rom, or flash tool that is not featured on our page using the contact form above. We’ll get it up on this site as soon as we can. Above all 

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